Love is eternal

We often ponder the meaning of life or how to live well but when you know someone who is losing their life through illness it is alarmingly apparent.

A dear colleague of mine had sadly passed away having lost her battle with breast cancer and in her final words she describes the smell of freshly cut grass, the burning embers of a bonfire, the first twinkling lights of Christmas and walking on the beach.

And it is then you realise how true it is that the simple things in life do bring you the most joy.

I can think of some myself;
the bark of my dogs,
the smell of freshly baked bread,
the sound of the wind through the trees
and of birdsong.

But perhaps most of all is Love,
to find your soulmate, your best friend, to share life, to laugh, to hold hands and smile into each others sparkling eyes.

We belong to this earth when we belong together.

There is nowhere I’d rather be than with you.


One Reply to “Love is eternal”

  1. Funny how simple it can be. I smile when I think of my cat’s purr, the smell of coffee, the feeling of being completely submerged under water, and hot blankets fresh out of the dryer. Thanks for making me think about those things. And I’m very sorry to hear about your friend – my thoughts are with you.


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