Depression & Work

It seems you’re not allowed to be depressed or anxious without a reason.

Every time I feel low and depressed I end up sleeping for hours on end with no enthusiasm to do anything let alone making an appearance at work. The thought of waking up to go to work is so excruciating I find it so difficult to do so I roll back over and sleep some more. Before I know it it’s late in the afternoon but worst of all I know that I have to face the questioning and judgement of why I didn’t go to work today or why I didn’t do more hours.

I fear having to admit that I didn’t go to work or that I only did a certain amount of hours for retribution and this makes things worse for me as I feel that I’m shrinking in on myself and that people are against me.

3 Replies to “Depression & Work”

  1. This is exactly me. You need to just focus on yourself and not be obliged to explain it to other people who perhaps don’t understand. Do what you feel is right. It’s okay to have a low day. Don’t be so hard on yourself, or push yourself too much. It’s not your fault. 🤗 Big hugs.

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