Unnecessary Request

(Transferred from Wattpad. Written:5th January 2017)


Who are you to ask this of me? Who am I to accept orders from you?

Are you above my worth? Do I consider myself a lowly servant to your every whim?

I agree downtrodden to your request, however when I create a distance between us I find I have no urge to return despite agreeing verbally to do so. My mind however has different ideas and really I do not agree, I was just too worried to admit this. My mouth deceives my mind.

And now here I am wondering if you’re coping and further worrying about my decision. But I wonder if you really needed my help? You probably didn’t think long enough to wonder how that might make me feel. I do not think you considered to help me so why should I dare go out of my way for such an inconsiderate and perhaps unnecessary request.

You probably didn’t see any harm and that’s where part of the problem lies and the other half of the problem is me not being able to openly admit I’m too scared and I’m unable to say no.

I’m sorry if I let you down but I’m more important to me than you are.

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