Hypnotherapy & Anxiety: Part Three

First of all I just wanted to say hi and sorry it’s been a while since my last post! Unfortunately I have not been feeling great recently with lots of symptoms of depression and as you probably know it’s hard to get things done when you are feeling tired and lack any motivation to do anything!

With regard to my previous blogs about attending hypnotherapy, I went to an extra session last week. It seemed to be advertised that generally people will be fine after their third session but for me that wasn’t the case and therefore I did make another appointment to see her, although I did have a lot of mixed emotions about this. Was it really going to work? Was it worth the money? It’s not exactly cheap and I can’t afford to be putting money in to something that I am getting limited benefit from. On the other hand I feel like perhaps there was too much riding on these sessions, that I would suddenly be “cured” and that I would start living my life how I wished it would be.


So anyway I contacted the hypnotist and said I’d like to see you again. I felt like I’d fallen off the wagon so to speak and I’d lost my way. I needed some more help. We arranged an appointment and I saw her last Wednesday. During this session she wanted me to pick out all the bad memories and put them in the fire. Once I’d visualised this I was transported to a fairground where I entered a tent full of full length mirrors in a circle and I stood in the middle and looked in all the mirrors and imagined the person I wanted to be looking back at me. What I took from this session is that I needed to imagine how I wanted to be and visualise it day and night to help my subconscious mind create new paths in my mind so that it becomes natural for me to act in a way that I have visualised.

This certainly isn’t a quick fix and wasn’t really what I was expecting. I guess it is best to leave these issues of anxiety and depression to the people in that profession so they better understand what’s going on. It doesn’t appear that seeing a hypnotherapist can cure social anxiety disorder.





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