Hypnotherapy & Anxiety: Part Two

I attended another hypnotherapy session last Wednesday. It was quite odd to be honest. I had to imagine myself in one place as the “new” me and another place as the current me. I decided that the new me would be sitting on the sofa, legs crossed, leaning forward slightly and the old me was tentatively waiting by the door feeling insecure. The exercise was to imagine myself as the new me, what qualities would I possess and was there anything that the current me could do to help and then it was propositioned the other way around, was there anything the new me could do to help the current me. I guess it was quite odd for me because she was asking me to speak to my imaginary self saying how the current and new me would work together.

After this I was put in to a state of relaxation where she wanted me to see myself as the person I wanted to be. Confident, happy to say my piece, comfortable, mingling and creating connections. I also imagined myself as an author who had just released a book and was at a book signing taking pictures with people whose books I’d just signed for them and having a nice little chat with them with a smile on my face. I was encouraged to think about this day and night.

Admittedly I felt great after and perhaps for a couple of days but this week I seem to have reverted back to the sluggish and depressed feeling I have become so used to. I think it’s mainly the constant battle with fatigue. I feel if I had enough energy this would help me along the way.


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