Back from London: Part Two

Day two of our trip to London began as we met up with our friends at 9am and headed to the tube where we got off at Covent Garden. There is a multinational cafe that we have visited every time we have been to London. The food is just really tasty and at a good price, plus it is located near to one of our favourite shops, Forbidden Planet!

After we’d filled our bellies and downed our tea we made our way to Forbidden Planet and scoured the many shelves and cabinets of merchandise and books. It’s always exciting for us to go there because I guess we are pretty geeky and we love collecting merchandise/toys/figures. My partner is in to collecting comic books so it was a great place for him. We are both really loving Overwatch at the moment and had our eye on any merch we could find. We saw a Tracer and Soldier POP! figure and decided to get the Tracer one. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything else Overwatch related so we were a bit disappointed. Also we were surprised to find a Jack Skellington money bank which we just had to have as we are big collectors of Nightmare Before Christmas. That was all we left with which we are thankful for, not because we didn’t want more but because we didn’t want to spend too much money (one of the downsides of being an adult and having bills to pay!)

Tracer POP! figure and Jack Skellington money bank from Forbidden Planet, London

Next, we made a beeline for the Disney store in Oxford Circus. One of the friends we were with is hugely in to Disney so she was eager to get as much as she could! I ended up leaving with a Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) plushie which was so so soft and cute. I’m a sucker for soft material!

We then walked to St James’s Park and stopped off via Buckingham Palace. It’s just one of those things you have to do when you’re in London, right! Anyway, we were all so glad to sit down when we finally reached the park. Not only had we walked miles but it was a gloriously warm day and we were all feeling a bit dehydrated and tired. We lay on the grass and enjoyed the sun on our faces and took in the sights and sounds of the park and the people around us. It was pretty busy. The sun was glistening off the lake as the ducks and geese pottered around. There were plenty of pigeons scavenging around for any loose crumbs they could find. The trees were in bloom and it was lovely to see some greenery compared to all the city life we’d come to know in the past few days.

It was getting pretty late in the afternoon and we had to head back to the hotel to get ready for another evening of theatre. We were all excited to see the final instalment of The Cursed Child.

As I said in Part One I thoroughly enjoyed the show! Part Two was just as good and I was so pleased to have seen it. It certainly was worth the trip.

On Saturday morning, we all got packed to check-out of the hotel and got in our cars to drive home, having a coffee pit stop on the way home back to Devon.

We had a brilliant couple of days in London but are glad to be back home with our dogs!

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